McCleary changes coming soon

It’s clear that there will be changes to the McCleary bill from 2017, ESHB 2242, approved this session.  The only question is how many will get through.  At Monday’s hearing of the Senate Education committee they heard four bills: SB 6362, 6397, 6394, 6483.  And this is just on the Senate side.  More are expected to be heard on the House side soon.

Of the bills, PSE testified in support of 6397 because it clearly described how to calculate average salaries (this will help us determine how much of a salary increase we can negotiate next year) and it came close to clearly moving forward the salary allocation one year as required by the Washington Supreme Court.  Both of these issues were our goals for this session.  I said “they came close” because the words in the bill don’t match their intentions.  That should be easy to fix in future versions of this bill.

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