Bills to perfect SEBB – taking financial pressure off single coverage employees

SEBB (School Employee Benefit Board) insurance plans for all K 12, ESD (Educational School Districts), and charter school employees, was approved in the 2017 legislative session.  This comprehensive change to K 12 insurance plans will take place on January 1, 2020.  Not surprisingly, there is a great deal of preparation that has to be undertaken to make the change in 2020 as positive and effective as possible.

The Health Care Authority (HCA), the state agency responsible for implementing SEBB has recognized that the law implementing SEBB needs to be perfected.  Senator Hobbs and Representative Cody are introducing “fix-it” bills developed by the HCA in the House and Senate.  The Senate bill is 6241, the House bill is 2438.  

The most significant changes in the bills are:

…move forward the date for data to be provided HCA 8 months to April 1, 2018.

…clarify that the employee payment for insurance premiums for family and single coverage be 3:1 (not 1:1).  What that means is employee payment for family insurance premiums would be $3 for each $1 that employees who buy single coverage would pay not $1 for each $1 paid by singles.  Without this change, it would be an unfair financial burden on employees who sign up for single coverage.

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