2018 Convention – Delegate Elections

The Convention Delegate/Alternate Nomination and Election Postcard Request Forms were mailed out in the middle of February.

Completing that process did not register your delegates for convention. To register your delegates/alternates, please go to the registration page.

Information and Instructions on Electing Convention Delegates/Alternates:
Please remember that the meeting to elect your delegates and alternates must be held by June 8, 2018. The notification of the chapter meeting, in which convention Delegates & Alternates are elected, needs to be mailed to your chapter members last known home address and must be received by them at least 15 days prior to the meeting. Your chapter’s postcard request must be submitted to the State Office no later than 30 days before your scheduled meeting. To electronically request postcards be mailed to your chapter members, click here or return the form that was mailed to you.

Eligible Delegates/Alternates:
All chapters are entitled to have at least two delegates, no matter the size of the chapter. The number of delegates your chapter is entitled to send is on the Convention Delegate/Alternate Nomination and Election Postcard Request Form. Remember to elect Alternates as well, as they serve an important purpose: they ensure your chapter can participate fully in convention if a Delegate is unable to attend. This is because only Delegates and Alternates are eligible to vote, and unfortunately labor regulations prohibit last minute substitutions of Delegates. There are no proxy votes.

Nominations of Delegates/Alternates:
All members must have an equal opportunity to be nominated to serve as a convention delegate. Members do not have to be present to be nominated or elected. Every delegate and alternate, even state officers, zone directors, chapter presidents, life members or legislative council representatives must be nominated and elected.

Election of Delegates/Alternates:
Elections must be conducted by secret ballot. Once you have conducted elections and are ready to register your delegates and alternates, please visit the registration page (opens in mid-April). To provide convention Delegates and Alternates with the most current information on convention registration, check in, or changes to the agenda, PSE will be communicating with Alternates and Delegates primarily via e-mail. Therefore, we require that all Delegates and Alternates provide a home email address.

Paying for Delegate/Alternates to Attend Convention:
You are encouraged to send as many delegates as your chapter is allowed. The Chapter will pay for their delegates and alternates expenses to attend convention. Chapter leaders need to determine how many delegates and alternates the chapter is willing to pay for. This needs to be announced at the meeting and prior to the election. Example: “We are eligible to have six delegates attend convention. We have determined to pay the expenses of four.” If additional members are elected they may attend at their own expense.

If you have questions about the election process or about the mailing, please contact Lenda Johnson.  You can reach her by email at ljohnson@pseofwa.org or by phone at 253-876-7447.

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