2018 Convention Candidate Statements

Every year at PSE’s Convention, delegates get the opportunity to vote to choose new union leaders. This year, elections for President, Secretary, and even-numbered zone directors will be held. Delegates can only cast their votes by attending Convention.


  • Running for Secretary

StateTreasurer_BJColvinJacque Meddles

My name is Jacque Meddles, and I am ready to be your PSE State Secretary.

I believe in you the members and in PSE! I take my position on the board seriously and am here to represent you.

I am a strong leader, will work cohesively alongside our Board, anxious to listen to you, the members and ready to be a solid team player as a member of your Executive Board.

I have been a PSE member for 23 years, actively involved in my chapter as Vice President, President, Building Representative, as well as a legislative activist for our local chapter. At the state level, I have served as Zone 9 Director for 12 ½ years and Zone Membership for 4 years. During this time, I have chaired most of our committees. In addition, I have participated on the Financial Review, Policy Review, Goals, and other onetime committees as a board member.

Experience counts, I feel I bring a strong background which will help me serve as your next State Secretary. Not only am I a secretary in our school, but I have also served as secretary on our local Levy and Bond committees, to Administrators in our district on onetime committees, and several local youth organizations.

I am extremely organized and knowledgeable on the position, on Robert’s Rules, Bylaws and Policies and Procedures. I am a very strong believer in PSE and the rights for our members! I ask for your vote as your next PSE State Secretary.


  • Running for Secretary

Ramona Fergusonramona

Hello, my name is Ramona Ferguson and I am running for PSE State Secretary.

I have been a Public School Employee union member for 15 years.  I have done many different secretarial jobs in the district, starting at the high school, then the ASB Bookkeeper for both middle schools, and currently am the Career and Tech Education Directors Secretary.  I have been my chapters Treasure for over 5 years.  I know first-hand what my union can do for me, there was a time when I needed them, and they fought alongside of me.  Unions are supportive of their members and I am proud to be a member of PSE.

I have been on several Blitz, I have done TEAM 1, 2, and 3 trainings, I have been to more than 7 conventions, I have been the nominating chair, and am currently the membership person for my Zone.  I want to see 100% dual authorizations on file for PSE, I want to see my union stick together and be stronger.  I love learning new things, especially about my union; I also love to know how I can help others.

I am also very involved in my community as well as my PSE union.  I am currently the Secretary of a nonprofit called SPIN Café; that stands for Serving People In Need.

I always try to have a smile for everyone.


  • Running for Zone 2 Director

Susan OlsonSusan-Olson-214x300

I am Susan Olson, and for the past two years it has been my honor and privilege to serve as the Zone 2 Director.  What makes PSE special is our members, and what makes our members special is their commitment, courage, and caring spirit toward one another.  It is a caring attitude that first brought me to leadership in the union.  I care about people!  As a board member, I have worked with the best interest of the members of Zone 2 in mind, advocating for and representing them at the state level.

I have leadership experience at the chapter, zone, and state level.  I have attended numerous PSE conventions, trainings, and legislative functions including lobbying at both the state and national level on behalf of all classified employees.  I am the chair of the Education and Training Committee which plans TEAM and LTE trainings.  These trainings offer classes in the areas of union training, professional development in the workplace, and personal development for our members.  As your Zone 2 Director, I have attended numerous chapter meetings to meet and hear from members directly.  Recognizing that family is an important part of our members’ lives, I have organized social events that members and their families can attend together and enjoy.  I would like to continue to work on your behalf and would appreciate your support for Zone 2 Director.


  • Running for Zone 8 Director

Dick SandersonDick Sanderson Photo

I have been privileged to serve PSE members of Zone 8 as their Director for the last 2½ years.  In this time, I have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge but continue to be challenged daily to ensure that all members are heard and understood.  This progression has inspired me to state my intention to run for reelection as Zone 8 Director.

I would like to continue to establish relationships within Zone 8 and to further nurture a lasting sense of trust and faithfulness and continuity in my service to the members.  This will be done through appropriate and timely communication, education, training and sound decisions based on correct and up to date information.  The current atmosphere of uncertainty, followed by the inevitably of change, will require our members to adapt to an ever-transforming climate of outside interference and possible turmoil.  PSE is working tirelessly to be prepared for this probable disorder and with the assistance of their trainings, direction and guidance we will all be provided with the tools and knowledge to properly weather this storm.  My job will be to provide these apparatuses to my members and Chapters.

Members look to PSE for help and support, which is only proper, but we must ensure that we Don’t Stand By, we must Stand Up, Stand Strong and Stand Together.

I respectfully request your vote to personally continue the communication and interaction between Zone 8 members, Chapters and the Board of Directors.

Dick Sanderson


  • Running for Zone 6 Director

Gina ColemanZone6Director_GinaColeman

As a member of this board and union, I am committing myself to focus on you, the members. I love what I have been able to accomplish over the last 20 years for the members of this union and I feel fortunate to be able to serve on committees, be a committee chair and lobby in Olympia to ensure our voices are heard. I have learned so much throughout the years with various community service union works that I have done from marching, social events, trainings to speaking.

I want to continue to work for you as your Zone 6 Director and would like your continued support to help me further make our union strong.

I appreciate all of the support I have had over the years and would like your continued support by re-electing me as your Zone 6 Director so I can continue to commit and dedicate my efforts to you the members of this union.

Respectfully Submitted

Gina Coleman


  • Running for President

Charlotte ShindlerCharlotte Shindler Photo (002)

I believe in unions and supporting workers’ rights. I signed a union card on my first day of work in 1987. We are lucky to be members of such a great union.  As promised I have not been sitting in the Office in Auburn, I have been traveling to all the zones in our state.  This has provided an opportunity for me to meet you, the amazing members and to get to know your issues by attending chapter meetings, zone events, trainings, and school board meetings.

My goals continue to be to advocate, educate, activate and empower members.  We have raised our voices in Olympia and passed legislation that will improve the lives of our members. PSE has offered educational trainings, professional, union and personal.  Members stepped out of their comfort zones to help with gathering our recommitment forms.

Communication is always key in everything we do. I welcome calls from members and if you have a question or concern feel free to contact to me.  I want to know what you want, need and value.  PSE is your union.

Members are the heart and soul of PSE and we must stand together. I have the experience and skills to continue to lead PSE. I always put you first when making decisions. I bring, not only experience but commitment to this position. My vision is to keep the “me” in member and the “you” in union.  I would appreciate your vote to continue to serve as your state president.


  • Running for Zone 4 Director

Michelle WeierMichelleWeier1

I believe that I am PSE, you are PSE, we are PSE.  I am inspired everyday by those who live a life of servant leadership.  Doing so much more for our students than what is listed on a job description.  Providing shoulders to lean on and listening ears for stories that would bring the toughest of us to tears.  I want to support you as we stand up with our brothers and sisters and demand to be treated fairly and with dignity.

Over the last two years I have had the privilege of serving as your zone director and would be honored to continue this incredible journey because I feel like I’m just getting started.  I have met so many members that share my passion for helping people which fuels me work harder each day.  I am not a political person, but through the work of PSE I have become an activist.  I have found a strength and a spark in myself that I didn’t know I had.

I would be honored to have your vote for Zone Director.

In Solidarity,

Michelle Weier

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