Zone 13 Director Elected

Election Update: Rich Dustin from Western Washington University has been elected as Zone 13 Director. His term begins immediately. Please join us in welcoming Rich to the PSE Board of Directors!

Zone 13 Director Angie Wedekind has resigned her board position. Pursuant to our bylaws, we will hold an election on Thursday, January 4th 2018 to fill the vacancy and follow the process outlined in the PSE state bylaws, Article X, Section C, #3:

Vacancies in the office of Zone Director shall be filled only for the remainder of the term in which the vacancy occurs. Upon receipt of notification of vacancy, the President shall direct that a zone council meeting be held and that the council elect a successor for the remainder of the vacant term. The President shall give a minimum of ten (10) calendar days’ notice of the council meeting by telephone and first-class mail, same-day postmark to each member of the council. PSE will post a public announcement on the official PSE website and notify all members of the zone electronically of the vacancy and the time frame for nominations. Membership could opt in for USPS mail by contacting PSE directly.

The council meeting must be held within thirty (30) calendar days of the receipt of the notification by the President of the Zone Director vacancy. Election of the successor must be by majority vote of the council members present and voting. Each candidate for the position may submit a letter, or have three (3) minutes to address the council prior to the vote to describe their qualifications and reasons they are seeking the position. After all candidates are given the opportunity for a candidate statement, the election by secret ballot will be conducted. The ballots will be tallied. In the event a candidate receives over fifty percent (50%) of the votes cast on the first ballot, that candidate is declared the winner. If no candidate receives over fifty percent (50%) of the vote, and if there are more than two (2) candidates running for the office, the candidate with the lowest total (or candidates, if there is a tie for the lowest vote total) will be dropped from the ballot after each round of voting until one (1) candidate receives over fifty percent (50%) of the votes cast. In the event of a tie for the lowest vote total, where only one (1) candidate would remain if both were dropped from the ballot, an interlocutory tie-breaker election will be held in order to determine which person would be dropped.

Candidates running for office may submit a letter or will be given three minutes to address the council prior to the vote. Candidates must arrange for someone to read their letter if they are unable to address the council. Election will be held via conference call on January 4 at 7:00pm. Voting will be done via secret ballot on a private online poll. There will be no proxy votes and only chapter presidents are voting; chapter presidents will receive the link to vote on the day of the election.

The council is encouraged to call 1 (877) 216-1555; Code: 288849 at least five minutes prior to the meeting.

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