Labor Day 2017: Our union. Our right to win.

Unions ensure our right to win livable wages, health insurance, and a brighter future for our families.

As you celebrate Labor Day with your family and friends, take a moment to remember the meaning behind the three-day weekend. This holiday is celebrated because union members like you fought for it. They fought for and won fair and safe treatment on the job, a minimum wage, overtime, child labor laws, and weekends. Union members gave their blood, sweat, and tears so that we can all recognize and enjoy these freedoms and more.

Unions ensure our right to win. Let’s stand together and keep our union strong.

Your benefits as a PSE SEIU Local 1948 member include emergency assistance, a lawyer referral program, scholarships for you and your dependents, and discounts on dental services, accidental death & dismemberment insurance, movie tickets, travel, cell phone service, mortgages, and more.

Get connected for the 2017-18 school year and discover what membership means. Text PSE to 787753 to receive important updates to your device, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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