Budget details finally published

Just a couple minutes ago, legislative leaders released the budget.  At that site you can click on different displays of the budget documents.  Plenty of good news!

  • PSE’s higher education contracts funded
  • State employee and higher education employee coalition insurance agreement fully funded
  • 2.3% salary increase effective 9-1-17 for K 12 employees (see LEAP 2 for each school districts salary allocation).
  • 17% salary allocation increase to $39,975.50 effective 9-1-19 for K 12 employees.  However, unless you have already agreed to salary increases for 2018-19 on the effective date of HB 2242, your salary increase will be different based upon your school districts average basic education classified employee salary (see LEAP 2).  The salary increase will be the Seattle CPI (current law) or how much would be necessary to raise each school districts average basic education salary calculation up to the amount allocated by the State.
  • Effective 9-1-18, K12 regionalization salary factor for certain school districts goes into effect (see LEAP 3)
  • Insurance funding increased to $820 ($40 increase or 5.1% increase) effective 9-1-17 and $840 (2.4% increase) effective 9-1-18
  • Retiree carveout $64.07 (.5% decrease) effective 9-1-17 and $68.67 (7.2% increase) effective 9-1-18
  • $1.9 million to fund paraeducator board and startup grants
  • $8 million to fund the SEBB (school employee benefit board)

If I find more details in the 617 page budget, I will update in a future blog.

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