Strike 2 – legislature swings and misses

We have one day to go in the 1st special session with very little public concern with the legislature’s failure to reach agreement on the budget and a McCleary K 12 funding plan.  I expect there will be another thirty day special session starting on May 24.

Will they have more success in the second special session?  Two upcoming deadlines may help.

First, they need to have a budget by June 30 or there will be a government shutdown.  Equally threatening is the possibility that the Supreme Court may increase their sanctions (currently they are being fined $100,000 per day – nearly $78 million has been accumulated so far) against the legislature and Governor Inslee for not coming up with a solution to how the State will fully fund K 12 basic education costs (including 5,000 classified employee FTEs funded by local levies).


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