Republican levy proposal looks good

One key component of any McCleary solution has to be the State taking responsibility for funding basic education.  Currently, school district’s rely upon their local levies to fund among other things, 5,000 classified employee FTEs that should be funded by the state.  Additionally, levies fund a portion of basic education salaries that should be funded by the State.  With that in mind, it is clear that local levies have to go down (only remaining use would be for “enrichment”) and State funding would have to go up.

As you can see from this document, the Senate levy proposal accomplishes that goal, fully funding all 5,000 FTEs and basic education salaries.  And it goes one step further: it equalizes all school district levy funding across the state.  In other words, no longer is there the property poor / property rich school district issue since all will be treated the same.

While there still are some problems with other features of the Republican’s McCleary solution that we are trying to change, at least they got this one right!


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