A budding political junkie?

Things I have noticed during my week of being a Frank J. Warnke Legislative Intern…

if it’s not sprinkling….it’s pouring *note to self- get a better and bigger umbrella* and most of the long upstairs halls in the Cherberg Building remind me of old scary movies when they are empty.  Also today after several meetings, numerous Committee Hearings, and one very surprising House floor testimony; my big takeaway is …the  Legislative process is a lot like watching April the Giraffe. At times it’s pretty boring and is mostly repeats of the same old – same old interspersed with a little quirky new & interesting thing here and there but suddenly, something big happens and it leaves you with your mouth hanging open amazed and wanting to come back for more. It’s definitely worth sticking around for the long haul, is educationally entertaining, and yes, addicting!

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