Housing allowance for classified employees?

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, Senate Republicans did something unusual that I can’t recall happening before.  Over the years, I have seen numerous teacher housing allowance bills.  When I would ask why they didn’t include classified employees, I would get a variety of responses but normally it was, “after we get it for the teachers, we will try to get it for classified employees”.   Well, right out of the gate, Senate Republicans included us in their housing allowance bill, SB 5534!  The bill would grant employees, certificated and classified employees, full time and part time (a pro-rated portion) a $10,000 housing allowance if the average residential value in the school district is above the statewide average.

Though this may affect only a couple school districts, and not that many classified employees, it is refreshing to see that Senate republicans think about classified employees while drafting a bill rather than an afterthought when I come to complain and it is too late to fix it.

The bill passed the Senate Ways and Means committee on a split vote and is next going to the floor for a full Senate vote.

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