Another McCleary solution surfaces

Senator Mark Mullet, along with Senators Takko and Hobbs, has sponsored their own solution to the McCleary Supreme Court decision.  SB 5825 is an attempt to be a midpoint between the House and Senate solutions (see earlier entries on HB 1843 and SB 5607).

According to Senator Mullet it would:

1)      Every district would have permanent local levies.

2)      Doubling of LEA (local effort assistance).

3)      Districts can go out for an extra $1,000 per pupil in excess levies but they must submit to OSPI a plan to ensure they are not for basic education.

4)      Per Pupil model that is a hybrid approach that still uses some prototypical school inputs.

5)      Starting teacher salary of $45k

6)      Universal hold harmless clause – nobody can go backwards.

7)      Guarantees $11,500 per pupil between state and local  (we exclude the federal part as we have no control over those dollars)

Though the bill may not get a hearing, it is likely to affect some of the discussions from this point forward.

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