2017 Convention Candidate Statements

Every year at PSE’s Convention, delegates get the opportunity to vote to choose new union leaders. This year, elections for Vice President, Treasurer, and odd-numbered zone directors will be held. Delegates can only cast their votes by attending the convention.

Please click on the office below to see the declared candidates for PSE offices:

Vice President
Zone 1
Zone 3
Zone 5
Zone 7
Zone 9
Zone 11
Zone 13


Vice President_AnnieCopelandAnnie Copeland

Two years ago you voted me to be your state vice-president. I am requesting your trust and confidence, once again, in voting for me this year. In exchange, I will be a dedicated leader who makes decisions based on what is in the best interest of PSE members.

I began my term with an inheritance of policies requiring review and/or action. There was an absence of policy guiding how the board develops and reviews proposed policy; therefore, I drafted language for a fair process with formal procedures outlining steps including research, analysis, and seeking advice, with the opportunity to consult with the Board in study sessions, bringing back to Policy Review Committee (PRC) for more work, and developing policy that best guides the members of the PSE organization.

During my first year as VP, I had the opportunity to speak with many members throughout the state. Several members had approached me with concern about not being able to view policies. In response, I brought forth to the PRC, consideration for a policy describing how members can view policy. After consideration from PRC, a motion to approve was provided to the full Board. As a result, our members now have a policy that provides transparency in the governance of our organization.

These are just two examples of accomplishments chairing PRC. There have been many more policy revisions and leadership tasks. My work is far from done, and I hope I have the opportunity to listen, respond, learn and lead.

StateTreasurer_BJColvinBJ Colvin

Greetings Honorable 2017 PSE Convention Delegates. My name is BJ Colvin, and over the past 9 months I have been serving as your State Treasurer. In that time, I have taken on many challenges to both ensure the financial stability and accountability of our great Union, as well as making strides forward to guarantee that we are fiscally responsible in all ways with your dues money.

In my current role I believe in three strong core principles: Transparency through Clarity, Integrity in all Things, and Community within PSE. Within PSE we strive continually to be transparent, but I believe in taking this to a new level. Making sure that when we are transparent that the information is in a clear format with the relevant information easily found. I believe in holding myself to a high personal level of integrity, and when it comes to dealing with the Members, and their Union I will always fight for integrity both within myself and across the entirety of PSE. The final pillar is Community. The PSE Family is close to my heart, and with 30,000 members across the state, I want to make sure that we all feel that we belong to this Family.

My desire is to work with all of you to take PSE to the next level. To fight for the things that truly matter. Together we make PSE Great.

Zone1Director_MontiFranckowiakMonti Franckowiak

I’m Monti Franckowiak and I have been a PSE member over 21 years. As your current Zone 1 Director my leadership background makes me a strong candidate. I am confident that I will serve you faithfully because my experience includes:

  • Richland Board of Directors as Chapter President
  • State Grievance Panel
  • AdHoc Committee
  • Constantly researching and learning
  • Zone 1 Director experience and knowledge
  • TEAM, MEET and Blitz trainings
  • Legislative Conferences attendee
  • Lobby Days in April

My nature is to be actively involved and to achieve excellence. I believe that making a connection with our members is of the utmost importance! With the many threats to unions, it is essential that we educate our members about the advantages our union provides.

My priorities are to serve my zone members and to be a valuable member of the State Board of Directors. I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves to get the work done. I am a creative and flexible problem solver with excellent communication and organizational skills. I will not only listen but will also act with transparency and openness to resolve issues whenever possible. My goals as Zone 1 Director are to:

Make PSE known locally and in the legislature
Openly resolve differences
Never stop listening and resolving needs
Transform negative working conditions
Increase member involvement

It has been a privilege and honor to serve you since December. Thank you for considering me again as your Zone 1 Director.

Monty Chittim

My name is Monty Chittim.

I am running for zone 3 director. The reason that I am running, I have taken great pride in the roll I’ve taken in my local chapter. I have served as custodial rep and currently serving as Quincy local Vice President. We have worked hard to increase the communication within the chapter and the district. I would like to take the next step in helping our Zone 3 and would appreciate your support and considered vote.

In appreciation, Monty Chittim.

Zone5Director_EdyLanphereEdy Lanphere

This is to declare my wish for re-election as your Zone 5 Director.

I have been an active member of PSE for 19 years.

I have attended many, Conventions, Legislative Conferences, and several trainings including LTE, TEAM I, II, and III, and MEET. These are things that add to qualifications.

Although training and events are an important part of the Union experience. The most important thing to me is our members.

As your Zone Director, I have done all I could to empower members. From attending chapter meetings (a favorite) to joining in chapter board meetings, it has all been a great way to feed my passion. Giving members a place to go to voice frustration goes with the territory, and I spend lots of time on my phone. One of the most enjoyable things I have done was to support members in an informational picket, or to a school board who was rather nervous with organized union members standing up for our brothers and sisters.

Then came the Blue Shirt Brigade. I helped organize members to stand for members, all dressed in PSE blue shirts. Quietly making the statement that we are united and will stand for any and all of our fellow PSE members.

Because of my member focus, because of my passion, because my intent is to empower PSE members I am asking that you vote to reelect Edy Lanphere for Zone 5 Director.

Cheryl O’Dell

Fellow PSE members, my name is Cheryl O’Dell and I am running for Zone 5 Director.

I am committed to make a positive impact and further empowering our members while standing shoulder to shoulder for the good of the entire membership community. These are beliefs and values that I have demonstrated during my 21 years of membership in various capacities. My goals center around transparency, accessible information, training and growth for our membership. My leadership background makes me a strong candidate for our zone and our State Board of Directors, as I have led with great success and gained the confidence of chapter, zone and state membership.

I will work towards training opportunities specific to our zone. With the challenges and uncertainty facing unions nationwide we need to stand strong together and utilize all tools to make our union cohesive.

Transparency, empowerment of the individual and the group is critical to our success, so when you need an ear, I’m here.

I have had the pleasure of working closely with my local Battle Ground Chapter in many different positions:
• Building Rep
• Trustee
• Chapter president
• District IBN member/insurance committee
• Negotiator
• Grievance panel

For our state, I have had the honor and privilege of participating in:
• 4 blitz’s
• SEIU Ignite conference
• Several state conventions
• Legislative Conference
• Leadership Academy and various leadership trainings
• Lobby Day
• March on the SeaTac Airport for $15.00/hour
• Team/Meet Leadership
• Convention state committee
• Emergency Relief Fund state committee

Thank you for your consideration and confidence.

Zone7Director_PamStevensonPam Stevenson

Hi, my name is Pam Stevenson and I am running for Zone 7 Director. I have been a member of PSE for 15 years and work as a health Tech in the Auburn School District.

I have been serving as your Zone 7 Director for the past 4 years and it would be my pleasure to continue serving Zone 7 members in this capacity. What I have enjoyed most is meeting and developing positive relationships with numerous fellow PSE members. I have accomplished this by visiting chapter meetings, engaging in the PSE’s BLITZ campaigns around the State, attending several MEET trainings, and participating in the TEAM 1 and 2 Leadership Trainings. I had the honor of attending the SEIU National Convention in Detroit, Michigan and was proud to represent PSE on behalf of our State. I have worked on the Welcoming Committee for several years at Convention and now have the honor to serve as Convention Chairperson for the 2017 State Convention. I have learned and grown so much over the past several years and I want to use this experience to continue to empower and serve our PSE Members.

Much of my prior experience came from serving in my local Chapter. I worked as a Classification Rep for over 400 Para Educators, served as a Chapter Secretary, and am currently the Vice President and Grievance Officer. I have been afforded many opportunities to work with management on behalf of our members and served on two contract negotiating teams.

Zone9Director_JacqueMeddlesJacque Meddles

It has been my privilege and honor to serve as your Zone Director for the last 11½ years. As a PSE member for 21 years along with my experiences, I will continue to represent Zone 9 well. As a delegate at PSE conventions for 16 years, as well as attending workshops and training, the wealth of knowledge and information I have learned along the way is extremely valuable and beneficial in the role of a Zone Director.

Politically, I have served as a Legislative Activist and attended several Legislative Conferences, as well as serving on our local Levy/Bond Committees within my district.

At the state level, I have served on the Membership Committee as well as chaired numerous state committees.

At the chapter level, I have served as President and Vice-President, as well as participated on the Negotiations Team.

I’ve worked hard, keeping in contact with chapter presidents, keeping them updated, educated and informed. Our zone is geographically spread out, making it difficult at times to attend some of the chapter meetings. My solution to improve the communication and keep members informed was why I began creating newsletters. Another attempt at reaching all members, was a conference call meeting, again trying to get more involvement in the Zone Council meetings.

I bring dedication, dependability and the promise to work hard at maintaining our identity and our Zones best interest in PSE. It would be an honor to continue to serve as your Zone 9 Director.

Thank you for support!

Zone11Director_JamiCrossJami Cross

My Name is Jami Cross and I am running for the Zone 11 Director. I have served as President of the Snohomish 1124 chapter this past year and upon being voted in I have learned a lot. While it is no easy task to perform this duty, I feel that I have done a good job reaching out to the members and getting more involvement. I have even been able to get PSE our very own office, which we have rented from the school district. I feel that not only does this give us our own free space I feel that it gives our membership a sense of commitment and ownership. I have tried to be on a more personal level with our members and even were able to get our numbers up at our last Membership Meeting this Year! I am an organized person who is committed to the membership and will strive to do my best to meet the tasks, duties, and opportunities as the Zone 11 Director.  When elected I would like to work to encourage iteration and inclusion between chapters. I think working together could really benefit all of us when it comes to recognition, negotiations, and things going on in the senate, etc. I look forward to meeting and coordinating with all of you.

Laura Rogers

My name is Laura Rogers and I am running for Director in Zone 11. I have been a member of PSE for 28 years. During this time, I have been the President and Secretary in the local chapter of Everett Association of Paraeducators many different times. I have been on numerous committees: Negotiations, Bylaws, Legislative, Community Outreach, Nomination, Sunshine and Scholarships. Being a part of these committees is extremely important in that I am able to understand expectations for each. In my chapter, I have set up gmail accounts and a Facebook page. This provides easy access to information for the membership and Board. In the Everett School District, I have been and continue to be on many committees which include, Professional Development, Policy Review, Presidents’ Council, and the Special Education Advisory Committee. I have attended Convention for over 15 years. Being on a committee has helped me to better understand PSE and how to help others. These include: Awards, Welcoming, Sergeant-at-Arms, and also Bylaws and Resolutions. I am always going the extra mile, wanting to make things better and more efficient for all. I want to go a step further and see how I can continue to improve things, not just in my chapter, but in the zone as well. I believe in getting our names out there (EAP and PSE) so that other members and the public know who we are and what we do.

Zone13Director_AngieWedekindAngie Wedekind

It is with great honor that I request your support, and vote, for the Zone 13 Director position. I have served in this position for 1 year. In that time I have worked hard on the behalf of all Zone 13 members.

I have been an active PSE member at CWU for 9 years, serving as the chapter president. While in this position, I have attended countless PSE/SEIU events and trainings and have learned and grown into the union leader that I am today with these learning opportunities.

In the past year, we have come together as a zone with both in-person and GoTo meetings online; both options have afforded us time to talk and share information with one another. This past December we had our first Higher Ed. Member summit where the chapter leaders from each University met and spent the day working together on strategies to build our chapter membership and our zone.

I feel that I have worked towards creating more visibility for Zone 13 and have addressed our needs at every opportunity I was given.

I believe in working hard and having our voices heard. I have worked towards those goals while serving on the board by being a strong advocate and voice for us. I have also worked directly with PSE administration during this time and together made some great changes for our zone membership.

Today I ask for your vote so that I can continue to work as a strong advocate for our zone.

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