Latest Supreme Court Update

In early October, the Supreme Court issued its most recent order regarding the McCleary basic education funding lawsuit.

The Court decided that the Legislature has until September 1, 2018, to fully fund basic education from “dependable and regular revenue sources.” This is code-word for not paying for salaries and benefits from local levies. Meanwhile, the $100,000 per day fine continues for another year. You can read more about the order here.

For obvious reasons, the legislature has delayed making the most difficult decisions until the last moment: the 2017 legislative session. Though much of the legislative debate will be about certificated employee salaries and local funding, our salaries and benefits will be directly linked to that debate.

It’s time for us to stand together and get ready to raise our voices about the importance of our salaries and benefits. The legislature’s attempts to address the most difficult aspects of basic education funding will be a vital time for us all to get involved in PSE’s advocacy efforts.

A great place to start is by attending Legislative Conference. It’s an incredible weekend where you’ll network with fellow PSE members, learn how laws are made, how to talk to legislators, and how you can have your voice heard in Olympia.

As always, email with questions, and text “PSE” to 787753 to receive legislative alerts throughout the session straight to your device. Standard message and data rates may apply.

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