PEBB Approves Health Insurance Changes for 2017

The Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) voted to approve several changes to its health insurance plans for 2017.

This document shows all of the changes PEBB approved–starting at page 14. Below are several key changes:

Starting with Tab 3, Pages 14 to 27, describe the changes to each of the plans. Highlights:

• The UMP plans coming up with free joint replacements (including a travel benefit) if members go to Centers of Excellence.
• All plans are offering $0 cost male sterilization (though CDHP deductible still applies).
• Group health cost increases in order to mitigate premium cost increases (e.g., maximum out of pocket rising from $2,000 per enrollee to $3,000 per enrollee).
• The life insurance options have changed, allowing for more coverage. page 26 has a good graphic.

Starting with Tab 4, Pages 28 to 38, show the employee / employer premiums for 2017. Highlights:

• Page 32 shows employee contributions for 2017 with a comparison to what they are currently paying. Dependent upon plan, there are wide ranging premium changes from a 11.1% decrease (Group Health Value plan) to 27.1% increase (Group Health Classic plan). UMP Classic plan members (60% of employees) are looking at a 10.7% increase.
• Dental plan increases only on Uniform Dental plan but the increase is insignificant $0.44 for employee, $1.32 for full family.

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