OFM Briefs Unions on State IT Classification Restructuring Process

UPDATE 9/13/16: While OFM has cancelled its monthly conference call with union leaders regarding the restructuring of the state IT classifications, it provided a brief update on the process via e-mail. Below is the verbatim update from OFM:

“We have a structure defined and are bringing in small groups of IT & HR Subject Matter Expert’s for a series of meetings to provide feedback on any major gaps they see in what we have come up with. Then transitioning into the compensation modeling phase. We are still on track with the project timeline.”

The “series of meetings” referenced by OFM are tentatively scheduled to take place in the coming weeks. OFM’s “project timeline” is to have the entire plan, including the compensation model, presented to OFM executive management by early 2017.

PSE will continue to give updates on this process as they occur.

The Office of Financial Management held a conference call on August 18th to brief representatives from affected unions and state agencies on its ongoing effort to restructure civil service IT classifications. Beginning earlier this year, OFM assembled a team of IT employees and began the process of reviewing the current state IT classification system to determine how, if at all, the system could be restructured to better align with the industry standard for IT. The process is broken down into two phases; the actual restructuring of the classifications and then compensation modeling for those classifications.

In order to determine where existing positions would fit within the new classification system, OFM developed a “tool,” which analyzes the duties and responsibilities of every state and higher education IT position in civil service. In theory, the positions will then be re-classified based on the analysis using the “tool.” OFM acknowledges it will likely need to create many new classifications by the time this analysis is completed. The classifications will be much more specific than simply “IT Specialist 2.”

OFM continues to work on the restructuring process, but hopes to have it completed relatively soon in order for the compensation modeling process to start. Once the compensation modeling plan is finalized, the entire plan will be handed off to OFM executive management for approval. OFM has set a deadline for this “hand off” of January 2017, which it is still hopeful it can meet. Ultimately, though, it will be many more months before the process is completed.

Also, as part of this process, OFM wants more training to be offered for managers to assist with preparing and writing position descriptions, as it recognizes there is a significant lack of knowledge

The next conference call will take place the third week of September. See the Frequently Asked Questions spreadsheet OFM put together, or click here for more information.

Keep checking back for more information as it becomes available.

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