Life Insurance Enrollment Reminder

UPDATE 12/1/16: Due to very high enrollment volume, the Health Care Authority has extended the open enrollment period for PEBB life insurance to December 16, 2016. If you have not had the opportunity to enroll, please do so. Another opportunity like this may not come along for quite some time. For more information, click here.

UPDATE 11/16/16: Don’t forget to take advantage of a one-time opportunity to elect or increase your life insurance coverage effective 1/1/17.

Only during the month of November 2016 can current employees elect up to $500,000 in coverage (in $10,000 increments) without answering health questions or having a medical exam – even if you have previously been denied life insurance coverage. You can also elect or increase life insurance coverage for a spouse/state-registered domestic partner or children. Note: If you currently have Dependent Basic Life Insurance for your spouse, state-registered domestic partner, or child(ren), you must act in November 2016 to elect Optional Life Insurance for them for 2017 to avoid a lapse in coverage. MetLife does not offer Dependent Basic Life Insurance, so this coverage will end December 31, 2016.

You can enroll with MetLife online. Just create an account by using PEBB Benefits – State of Washington as your employer name and sign up for your optional life insurance benefits. Even if you are not enrolling in or changing life insurance amounts for 2017, you should create an online account and name your beneficiaries with MetLife.  (Your beneficiary designations will not automatically transfer to MetLife).

More details can be found on the HCA website.

UPDATE 11/1/16: Open enrollment for your health and life insurance coverage begins today. Before you make your selection, make sure to fully research each plan, as several changes have been made regarding cost and coverage. Also, as previously discussed, the life insurance provider has changed, permitting every employee in PEBB the opportunity to elect/change coverage for 2017.

For more information on the changes to each plan, click here.

Open enrollment ends on November 30th.

UPDATE 9/30/16: The Health Care Labor Coalition and the State Health Care Authority held their fall quarterly meeting yesterday in Olympia. At the meeting, the 2017 PEBB rates and changes to life insurance were discussed. Click here for information on the changes made to each health insurance plan.

In addition to electing an insurance plan, all state and higher education employees will also have the opportunity to make changes to their life insurance plans during open enrollment. The HCA has changed life insurance providers effective January 1, 2017, from VOYA to MetLIfe. Due to this change, employees will have the opportunity to make elections or changes to life insurance, even those who were previously denied for coverage. This is the first such opportunity in 40 years. Click here for more information on life insurance changes and options.

Remember: open enrollment is November 1-30. Make sure you fully research each option before making an election, as several changes have been made to each plan!

For more information go to:

UPDATE 9/9/16: The Health Care Labor Coalition and the Office of Financial Management reached a tentative agreement this morning on a successor Health Care Benefits collective bargaining agreement (2017-2019) for represented state employees.

Under the agreement, the employees’ share of health care premiums will not increase; employees will continue to pay 15% of premium costs, while the state will pay 85%.

Also, in addition to receiving the $125 wellness incentive for participating in PEBB’s Smart Health Program, employees will also receive a $25 gift certificate for participating.

It was vital to the Coalition not to agree to any language which would increase the cost share of health care to its members. With this agreement, the Coalition believes it has achieved that goal.

The agreement must be ratified by both parties and submitted to the Governor by October 1st.

UPDATE 8/3/16: Bargaining between the Health Care Labor Coalition and OFM continued this week in Olympia.  The two sides traded counter-proposals, inching closer to an agreement.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Friday, August 26th in Olympia.

PSE would like to have at least one or two members present at this session, if possible. So, if you are interested in attending, please email Jason Mackay or Zone 13 Director Tom Krabbenhoft.  Per usual, PSE will be reimbursing for mileage and other travel expenses for any members who attend.

The Health Care Labor Coalition and the State of Washington began negotiations for the 2017-2019 health care collective bargaining agreement in Olympia this week.

During the session, the Coalition made clear to the State that it expected a fair and affordable insurance package for its members. To that end, the Coalition made aggressive proposals to improve the cost of insurance for state employees.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for Monday, August 1st in Olympia, where the State is expected to provide the Coalition with its next counter-proposal. As you may recall, negotiations must be completed by October 1st so the agreement can be submitted to the Governor for approval, and then to the Legislature for its approval during the 2017 legislative session.

Stay tuned for regular updates and opportunities to get involved.

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