SEIU Convention Election Results!

The 2016 international delegate election results are in; download the results here. 


PSE members had the opportunity to vote and help choose six delegates that will represent PSE at this year’s SEIU Convention in Detroit, MI. 

Ballots were sent out on February 1, 2016, and the Elections Committee met on the last weekend of February for a ballot count and reached a final results on February 29, 2016.


Elected SEIU Convention 2016 Candidates (in alphabetical order)


Gina Coleman

colemanI was elected by the zone council to complete the vacancy of Zone 6 director for PSE. It is an honor to hold this privilege in representing zone 6 members, and serving all members on the board of directors. Along with that responsibility, I have been assigned the chair of the ·sergeant-At-Arms committee.

I am in my 21st year at Tacoma School District. I am the chapter president and previously held positions as classification rep, vice-president, legislative and benefits rep. At the state level, I have attended Leadership Academy, TEAM, Legislative Conference, and served on various state committees. Advocating for PSE and members at lobby days, parades, rallies and serving disadvantage teenagers at the Auburn Teen Feed has been extremely rewarding.

I ask you place your trust in me to represent you at the SEIU convention. I love PSE, and believe to BE STRONG, I must BELONG at convention!


BJ Colvin

BJ ColvinI am currently the Zone 1 Director, the Vice President of the Walla Walla Chapter, and the bylaws committee chair. I would like to attend the 2016 SEIU Convention because I have a passion for trade unionism. I feel that I will represent PSE well due to my skills when it comes to the written language as well as my understanding of legal texts.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tom Krabbenhoft

Tom KrabbenhoftI would appreciate your vote to elect me as a delegate to represent you at the SEIU convention. I believe strongly in the importance of union wages and the educational focus of PSE. I appreciate the importance of paying for the higher wages and benefits we earn working in a union job and of being financially responsible with our members’ dues.I believe a strong SEIU makes for a strong PSE and strong communities and schools in Washington and across the nation.

I hold elected positions in my chapter and as zone director on the PSE board of directors. I am familiar with the rules and procedures governing proceedings that are necessary to be effective as a delegate. I will consider the motions, bylaw amendments, and business thoughtfully before voting. I will be a strong advocate and voice for the best interests of you and PSE. Thanks for your vote!


Cheryl O’Dell

Cheryl O'DellI believe I am a good representative of PSE/SEIU.

I am very dedicated union member. I am a strong advocate for our members. I have been active in our chapter for 15 years, building rep, classification rep, negotiations, trustee, insurance committee, IBN member, District Union Leader committee, Chapter President for 4 years. I have attended convention, leg conference, leadership classes. I have signed up and volunteered for state committees but unfortunately have not had that honor yet.

I have had the honor of attending a WEA unity conference in Maryland last September. Our local teachers union asked me to go as a PSE member along with other varying staff (district administrator, building administrator) from our district. The training I attended was about working collaborative on all levels within or district.

I have built strong connections with our members, district staff and also PSE state staff.


Pam Stevenson

Pam StevensonMy name is Pam Stevenson and I am declaring my intent to be a delegate for the SEIU International Convention. Unions have provided for my family my entire life, and for us it means earning a fair wage and the benefit of health care for our family. Unions have given workers a stronger voice and it’s even more important that our voices are heard in today’s economy. I want to be one of those voices.

I am currently working for the Auburn School District as a Health Tech. I have served a variety of leadership positions in my local chapter over the last 12 years, serving as Para Rep, Chapter Secretary, Chapter Vice President and Grievance Officer and at the state level organizing and serving on the PSE Legislative Council, I am currently serving my second term on the Board of Directors for PSE as the Zone 7 Director.


Janet Yanzick

Janet YanzickThough currently working in Transportation, I also have 11 years’ experience as a Para-Ed and in Food Service-bringing to Convention a broad representation of our members and what they want from our union. I am a past President of our Washougal Chapter, past Treasurer and current Legislature Rep.- giving me the opportunity to be on many negotiation teams.

I have serve on our District’s Insurance committees and Chapter Scholarship committee. Volunteered for the informational Teachers’ picket/rally at Esther Short Park in Vancouver. Recently I volunteered for the Blitz-collecting commitments from fellow members to stand with our union, stressing the importance of COPE which amounted too many of the members my team spoke with, to enroll! I have attended our PSE convention many times and have been active in our Legislative Conferences for the past three years. Thank you for your consideration for me as a Delegate for the SEIU Convention.

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