2016 Convention Candidate Statements

Every year at PSE’s Convention, delegates get the opportunity to vote to choose new union leaders. This year, elections for President, Secretary, and even-numbered zone directors will be held. Delegates can only cast their votes by attending convention.

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  • Running for President

Reen-headshot-resized-for-webReen Doser

PSE is moving forward from a position of strength and unity. Our core strength comes from the hearts and voices of our membership. I stand side by side with you to help realize a future where our members can be proud of the work that we accomplish together. I believe that engaging our membership in conversations and encouraging involvement is one of the best ways to build our union.

During my first term, I have reached out to our local leadership and listened to your stories. Using that knowledge, I have helped to clarify goals for member engagement, collaborated on representational activities in partnership with other unions, continued impactful lobbying efforts in Olympia and advocated for member services within PSE.

I believe that you elected me to be your voice. Every time I speak or act on your behalf, I remember my duty to you and it gives me strength and confidence to lead PSE into an even brighter future. I will continue to engage with and be inspired by PSE members. I will continue to keep you informed through my quarterly reports. I will work hard to make PSE an even better union of actively engaged members.

With your vote, I will continue to be your strong advocate with an open door for all members. I have confidence in the future of PSE. Let’s create that future together!

Lee Novak

We will come together this August and use our collective voice to select our next President. A President with the strength of a leader and the eagerness to lead us as individuals and a whole into a better future. A President we can trust to represent our members with Respect, Compassion, and Dignity.

We need to have our voices heard, and to know what we all have worked hard for is protected. I would like the opportunity to stand with my Brothers and Sisters to fight for and protect our rights.

As Vice President, I have worked with our membership to empower and ignite a spark to bring more member involvement. It’s amazing to watch as new members became more and more connected with our Union.

I have had opportunities to serve PSE as a Member Organizer, Chapter Trustee, Paraeducator Classification President, Evergreen Chapter Vice President, and serving on the State Grievance Panel. Throughout the combined 20+ years as an active union member I have also held positions in other unions such as State Secretary, Member Educator, Local Treasurer, and Volunteer External Organizer.

As your next PSE State President, I will stand and fight with my Brothers and Sisters to protect our rights, strive toward every member earning a livable wage, and continuing to ignite that spark in our members to lead us into a UNITED future.

I am asking for your support in allowing me the privilege to lead us into the future as your next PSE State President.

  • Running for Secretary

Deborah Nutt

I love being part of PSE. We are a Member-Driven union where the members have a voice in the growth and power of PSE. It has been my honor and privilege serving and representing you as your State Secretary for the past two years.

I have seen and been a part of PSE growth and leadership ever since my first convention in 1994. I have always been involved in my local chapter since I was hired in 1992. At the State level I have been Zone 2 Director, your State Vice President and worked on too many committees to list. I’m involved with setting yearly goals, engaging members, State and Federal legislative issues, taking minutes and making sure PSE moves forward and stays strong.

Two years ago you had the confidence in me and I hope you still feel that way today. My role is to make sure communication continues to go out to our membership, listen to your concerns and make sure you have all the opportunities you need to be a successful leader. I will make sure your voice is heard. PSE is stronger today because we all stood together through the hard times. I know we can do anything when we stand together.

It would be my honor to continue to serve you as your State Secretary. You placed your trust in me two years ago and I am asking for your support, trust and VOTE to re-elect me again this year. Thank you

Jennifer McMaster

I have been a member of PSE for the past 12 years – as a para-educator and secretary. I became active in my local chapter about 4 years ago; first as a unit representative then as our chapter secretary. In November, I was to speak to the Senate Education Committee, representing PSE. Recently, I became part of the PSE Mentor program and during this past spring participated in a PSE blitz.

I have been interested and involved in political and legislative issues for most of my life. It began as a child standing with my Mom holding “vote yes” signs for school levies, then becoming active in my home town politics, and traveling to Olympia to meet with legislators as part of the Tahoma Coalition – a group of PSE members, teachers, parents, students, school board members and administrators.

I have learned one very important lesson over the years, and that is to listen, truly listen, to people.
I enjoy listening to members of PSE. Their individual stories, what they enjoy about their jobs, and the struggles they face.

My goal as your PSE State Secretary would be to continue to listen to members and take stock of your opinions, then make sure others hear it as well – within PSE as well as with our state and federal legislators. I also feel strongly that you need to be kept informed, as best as possible.

I would be honored to be your PSE State Secretary and would appreciate your vote. Thank you!

John Lohr

Brother and Sisters I am John Lohr running for your State Secretary. I am currently working for Tumwater School District the past 16 years. Currently a groundskeeper, but have also been a bus driver, custodian and warehouse/mail courier.

I got interested in the union and went to Convention. While at convention I learned about Leadership Academy. I applied to go and went to three years and completed the program. I was inspired by Leadership Academy and ran for our Chapter President. I have been chapter president ever since except for a short time period when I was Zone 5 director. I have been on several state committees and chaired the elections and Education committees. I also was a presenter last year in the “Right to What” workshop. I went to the SEIU International convention 4 years ago and am currently in year two of PSE’s T.E.A.M. training.

So as you can see I am an active and a diverse person with many talents. I believe I have what it takes to be your next State Secretary. I will listen and represent you so that your voice will be heard at not only at the State level but at the National and International level. I am organized, try to be well informed and listen to the members. I have been a long term chapter leader and a Zone director and now I would like to be your next State Secretary. You may contact me at tumpres@yahoo.,com Thank you for your vote.

  • Running for Zone 2 Director

Charlotte Shindler

My name is Charlotte Shindler and I am running for Zone 2 Director. I have enjoyed representing Zone 2 on the Board of Directors. As a Zone Director it has been my goal to
activate member in the union and to represent you on issues. I am not shy about sharing member concerns. I take the responsibility of union finances very seriously.

There are many threats to unions today, it is necessary to educate members about the benefits of union membership. Providing opportunities for members to learn more about
the union and become involved is important. Zone 2 has provided several workshops and informational meetings. Thanks to the members in our zone that stepped up and helped with the blitz to reach every member.

When I ask for help from Zone 2 members, you always step up. Together we have been very active in getting out into our communities and making our name known. We have done many service projects including Tom’s Turkey Drives, KSPS pledge drives, Second Harvest Food bank, Treats for Troops and several projects for homeless youth and women. It has been a great opportunity to work with and get to know members of our union.

I am asking for your vote to continue to serve as your Zone 2 Director. We are lucky to be members of a member-driven union. A union is only as strong as its members and PSE Rocks!

  • Running for Zone 8 Director

Dick Sanderson

I was privileged to be elected as Zone 8 Director to serve out the remainder of the former Director’s term. In this short time I have participated in a varied number of events. I am now inspired to state my intention to run for reelection as Zone 8 Director.

I recognize the enormous need for members to continue to learn and participate in decisions that affect their lives. I will use communication, training and education to support Zone 8 members in their voluntary roles and extremely busy lives as chapter leaders and union members. I want to visit all chapters and get to learn all of your specific concerns and considerations. Working together will ensure a continued effort to BELONG and BE STRONG.

Insight into the immensity of the position of Zone Director has been stimulating, inspiring and challenging. It is energizing to sit at the BOD table and actually assist in decisions that affect our union. I want to continue to be a part of this team and assist through the use of my education and experiences as well as my ability to listen, understand and make logical, rational, educated decisions. In this manner I will work as intermediary with the Zone 8 chapters, members and the Board of Directors to ensure that all of you are heard and understood.

I respectfully request your vote to personally continue the communication and interaction between Zone 8 chapters and the Board.

  • Running for Zone 6 Director

Gina Coleman

I am a Child Nutrition Cook/Manager I at Tacoma School District. I have been a PSE member for 21 years in which the last 12 years I have been the chapter president. Prior to that, I have held a variety of chapter officer positions. I am the trust/liaison for our chapter on the district benefit board.

August 2015 was a highlight in my life-events timeline. I was elected as the next zone 6 director by my respected fellow zone presidents at a meeting held by the state office. Ever since then, I have made the most of this opportunity to enhance my knowledge about PSE and serve you the best I can. From my very first board meeting, I never hesitated to ask questions, provide input and vote with integrity. I was very active at our annual legislative conference; February lobbied for our higher ed members; attended training geared toward re-engaging members; and marched at SeaTac airport in the fight for $15 as part of the SEIU Ignite NW Conference.

As the presidents and/or designees of the Zone 6 council had faith to elect me your interim director, I ask you share that trust by voting for me at convention. I dedicated time to meeting members by visiting chapters to understand issues and topics so that I can vote or act in what I believe was always your best interest. With any task, I give 100%. I want to continue to learn, and work for the members of zone 6.

  • Running for Zone 12 Director

Dave Douglass

My name is Dave Douglass and I am running for Zone 12 Director. My qualifications include being a former Advisory Board member of the Clover Park Technical College Para Educator Program, Aberdeen Chapter Vice President for one year and Aberdeen Chapter President for six years.

I have overseen various chapter committees such as Scholarship, Grievance, and Professional Development. I have been on the negotiations team for our chapter. I have attended the PSE Leadership Academy in Wenatchee and have completed Basic, Advance and the Masters Levels.

On the State level, I have also served on the Elections Committee, Membership Committee, Convention Workshops Committee, Policy Review Committee, Scholarship Committee, Board Development Ad Hoc Committee and Sponsorship Committee. For the past 11-1/2 years I have served as the Zone 12 Director and am currently serving as the chair of the Elections Committee for the PSE Annual Convention.

I am running for Zone 12 Director because I feel that I can represent the best interests of our zone’s classified employees. With the experience I have in helping set policies and organizational goals, as well as being very dependable, I feel that I can do a good job.

Background Information:

Behavior Intervention Assistant for Aberdeen School District. PSE member for 22 years.
Board President of the Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority – Home of the Tall Ships, Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftan.

  • Running for Zone 10 Director

Deb Lewin

During the past few months there has been an increase in the amount of activity involving unions that affect our organization and our members.
With that, as a board member my goal is to continue fighting for our rights and having our voices out front and heard. By running for re-election, my desire is to continue to work along side members within Zone 10 and within the membership of PSE as a whole. There is still much work to do as PSE continues to grow in strength and numbers. I have a desire to continue, by being involved as your representation. I encourage each of you to consider filling current open positions within our zone, such as Legislative Council and Membership, becoming more involved, experiencing how we can work alongside each other to strengthen Zone 10 and our union.
Together we can make a difference!

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