What is May Day?

You’ve probably heard that Friday, May 1 is May Day. You’re also probably familiar with the protests and demonstrations that happen every year on this day. But what is May Day, and what are those demonstrations about exactly?

May Day is International Workers' Day, celebrating all workers including school support staff.

May Day is International Workers’ Day, celebrating all workers, including school support staff.

“May Day” is International Workers’ Day. As a PSE member, you’re also a part of Service Employees International Union (SEIU), an international organization that represents over 2 million diverse workers in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Across the world on May 1, workers take to the streets to honor International Workers’ Day. It is a celebration of the contributions of workers and their commitment to continue fighting for a better economy and stronger democracy. It is a day to honor all workers who call America their home.

Peaceful demonstrations will be happening in cities all over the country, including Seattle. If you are heading into the area, plan ahead and know where the demonstrations will be taking place. You can also follow along on SEIU’s blog for updates on what is happening across the country.

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