Sen. Murray, be our superhero

PSE members joined Local 1199NW, Local 925 and other groups Wednesday, Oct. 25, outside the Federal Building in Seattle to support Sen. Patty Murray as she fights for jobs.

“Each time the funding for education is reduced, our children pay the price. Schools simply can’t survive any more budget cuts,” Brianne Segarra, a health tech paraeducator in the Auburn School District, told the crowd.

She explained that her department is currently being funded by a Medicaid match supplement. If that funding goes away, there’s nothing left.

“More and more budget cuts have impacted the ability to keep kids healthy and safe while at school all while the needs of students have steadily increased,” she said.

As a members of the Super Committee, Murray is tasked with finding solutions to a $1.2 trillion deficit by Thanksgiving. SEIU members gathered to encourage Murray to continue thinking of them as Congress balances the budget.

“An investment in our children’s future is an investment in our community’s future,” Segarra said. “We need to create jobs — not cuts.”
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